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Last 3 weeks

We have had a very busy few weeks including finishing school and Watching the Jounior Eisteddfod

Thursday 1st June :
Nia took Emily and I to the junior Eisteddfod near Bridgend. It started off quite chilly but warmed up once the sun came out. We got our tickets and then walked around some of the stalls. There were a lot of armed officers on duty carrying real big guns and tasers a sign of the problems with terrorism over here. There were some quite cool craft/pottery stalls, one of the stalls had a bowl that said ‘Cawl’ on the side, which Nia bought for Dacu. Dacu is a specialist at making Cawl which is a bone broth soup with vegetables. We carried on walking and looking around for about 10 minutes. Then Nia saw a sign that had the time table of the pavilion on it and we saw that there was clog dancing at 12:10, it was 11:45 at the moment so we ate some snacks and then went in to the pavilion I couldn’t understand what the presenter was saying because it was all in welsh! The clog dancing was really good and I thought that the first boy was the best! The dancers jumped backwards and forwards over brooms and clapped their clogs together over a candle it snuffed out the flame! Some danced to fiddlers, or pianists and they tended to dance really fast!
After the clog dancing we carried on walking around and saw every type of stall you could think of. There was a stall for the Royal Mint (where they make coins) that showed us the difference between a real coin and a fake coin. DYK that they make coins for New Zealand and about 7 other countries.
We then walked to the fair side of the Eisteddfod. Emily and I went on the bungee trampoline and we hooked ducks. For lunch, we had fish & chips and ice cream/block. It was delicious and crispy!
After going to the fair, we walked to the car and drove back to Nia’s so that Emily and I could grab our stuff before going to Mumbles where we met Mum and Carter at an Italian restaurant.

Saturday 3rd June:
We were up at Owain’s early (by 8:00) to watch the Lions vs NZ Provincial Barbarians. The Barbarians lost by 5 points. 13-7! Both teams played well. We had a big cooked breakfast made by Mum, Dacu and Owain. Ffion took us down to the stables and we mucked out Dee’s stable and filed up her hay nets.

Sunday 4th June:
Today we walked up Pen-y-fan in the pouring, freezing cold rain, it was also very windy when we got to the top. This wasn’t really a mountain more the same size as the Richmond hills but they do tend to call hills mountains over here. It was much easier than the other walk up Snowden with a well-formed path and quite rich red dirt that when it rained was very slippery and stained your socks. We got a picture at the top and walked/ran back down. At the bottom we grabbed a hot chocolate piled high with cream and marshmallows. They warmed up our hands and our mouths very quickly. On the drive back we went through common land, there was a whole heap of horses, sheep and cattle along the side of the rode. Once we were back home mum started sunbathing because it was so HOT!!!!! All seasons in one day in Wales!

Monday 5th June:
Today Carter and I started our 2 weeks of swimming at school. We were all tested and put into groups (Carter & I were put into the top group). The school teachers must teach you how to swim over here as well there aren’t any specialist swim instructors. Most of the kids in the school can’t swim or dislike swimming which is really different to New Zealand. dour bus was late picking us up from the leisure centre so we were late back to school and home.

Tuesday 6th June:
Carter and Dacu went to the ODI in Cardiff NZ VS ENGLAND. They said they really enjoyed it even though NZ lost . ☹ They travelled up to Cardiff by train. When they got off the train they walked around the outside of Millennium Stadium (Where the Welsh rugby team plays their home games)to Sophia Gardens. All along the route there were “Cricketeers” showing you which way to go and answering any questions you had. They had really good seats with the big screen behind. New Zealand just couldn’t restrict the English batting and Carter picked England to win quite early on. Lunch consisted of genuine Cornish Pasties and Lemonade! They came home on the train and Mum picked them up at the Railway Station.
They stopped off at the Chinese Take-away for curried chicken and fried rice for dinner. A long day but they both had a good time.IMG_1080.jpg90_IMG_1075.jpg180_IMG_1074.jpgIMG_1073.jpg

Wednesday 7th June:
Dacu was off to Owain’s to watch the Blues play the Lions!!!
The Blues WON!!!! 😊 22-16
Dacu said both teams played very well but the Blues deserved to win.

Thursday 8th June:
We were all very excited, even Dacu because we hadn’t seen her in 2 months!!!
She stopped in CHCH, AKLD, SIN, and then arrived in LH. She arrived at 7:05pm the next day.

Saturday 10th June:
The Crusaders played the Lions. The lions beat them 12-3. It was a good game but the lions weren’t pushing in the scrums so the Crusaders gave penalty’s away. Michelle made us DELICIOUS pancakes with melted chocolate and strawberries/banana’s on top for breakfast. There are so many sweet treats over in Wales, there is a lot of sugar in everything!!! Not so good for your teeth!

Sunday 11th June:
We had Lunch at Dacu’s cousins, they cooked an amazing roast dinner, Lamb.
Then for dessert you had a choice of trifle, Chocolate cake and apple pie, Carter and I had all three so we had to walk home!!!
It was also A.Js birthday so we wished her a happy birthday from the other side of the world!!!!

Monday 12th June:
We started the countdown to when dad got here!! And Dad had his Exam in NZ, there were about 5 questions in the whole test but each question was worth a lot of marks, he hopes he did well!!!
Only 2 days until dad gets here!!!

Tuesday 13th June:
Dad gets here tomorrow, everybody is really excited. In school swimming Carter and I have started swimming 25 meters instead of only 15 meters!!!! So we are swimming quite well and enjoying it!!!!!!!!!!!😊 Dacu and Nana have gone out for tea in Haverford West [AD4] with[AD5] some friends of theirs . Only 1 more day until dad gets here!!!!!!! And only 3 more days of school left!!!

Wednesday 14th June:
Dad arrived !!!!! We were all so excited to finally see him it had been so long since we had seen him. Dacu picked him up from Cardiff after dad had caught a coach from London. He brought some pineapple lumps which were delicious. Our friends tried them for the first time!!!

Friday 16th June:
Our last day at school, we were very busy wrapping presents and writing cards before we left for school. Nan had made a pavlova and we had some pineapple lumps left over so we took them as well, Mum, Dad , Dacu and Nana came into school at about 9:30.

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